Up, up and away!

The Supergirl trailer is out, and it is awesome, and I am so hyped for it. Sure there are complaints (on reddit already) about the tone is so dorky/chick flicky, and about the happy poppy music that young girls. THAT’S BECAUSE SUPERGIRL IS A YOUNG GIRL!

I am loving every single bit of the trailer.

This is the superheroine I (and maybe even others) have been waiting for. Continue reading “Up, up and away!”

Quick book review – books read in 2014

I originally posted this as a page on the website, but given the transient nature of posts and my irregular reading schedule, I figured this would be better republished as a blog post, with the main quick reviews page listing these posts.

Instead of a lengthy review, I’m trailing out a quick review system for the books I’ve read: Continue reading “Quick book review – books read in 2014″