Gender Disparity in Australia

There’s a saying out there, that if you’re female, you have to work twice as hard as a man, and that you have to be perfect, just to be able to receive the same level of recognition as our male peers. Recent events highlighted in the media have proven that true, but wonderfully, something else is happening – something that has been a long time coming.

Conversations are being sparked by women brave enough to say “no more”. Predators like Harvey Weinstein, Don Burke and Craig McLachlan, are no longer able to hide behind the systems that give them their power and enable their crimes. High profile women in media and entertainment like Michelle Williams and Lisa Wilkinson have become poster women and the gender pay gap.

Victims always find that they themselves bear the burden of proof, that the onus is on them to prove inequality and injustice, even though they are being beat down and intimidated. And so much of it is unprovable, having happened in private or within an environment where the behaviour is systematic. Then after counting the huge personal cost, many choose to not fight it and to move on.

Even though so many things cannot be quantified, there is still plenty of data for the things that can.

So what else does the available data tell us?

I’ve created the following three visualisations based off available ABS Census in 2016 data:\

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On Courtney Milan’s “Hold Me”

I’m not going to talk about this book critically, save for a few quick sentences on how it is very well written and crafted, and how it reads as very authentic. I’ve read the whole Brothers Sinister series from Courtney Milan, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Hold Me is of course very different in setting (not being a historical romance and all), and while the themes in Milan’s books are the same, having it in a modern setting was a revelation to me.

In her author notes, she says that this is the book of the heart for her as an author, and I’m glad that she wrote it. I’m not going to talk about how good it is, because in a nutshell, it is very good. Instead, I wanted to talk about how it made me feel, and what it made me realise.

Growing up, reading the fiction I did, watching the shows that I’ve watched, I’ve never realised just how much of a supposed good female’s role in the world I had internalised.

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On Depression

The black dog nips at my heels, never really going away. Sometimes it towers, casting its shadow over me. Sometimes it’s a docile puppy, never really rearing it’s head until something stirs it. And it takes such a massive effort to keep it at bay. So much effort. And I am still afraid to let people know that that black dog follows me.
I wrote the above paragraph in October 2009. It has been almost six years.
It has been a journey, and I have done quite well lately. Being depressed is not a choice, but doing something about it is – I wrote this a while ago under one of my to-do-self-help lists, and I’ve taken my own advice lately.
Catching up with friends, making the effort to go out and not be so negative. Opening up.
Coming out of the closet (metaphorically speaking – coming out regarding my writing and my depression). All these things have helped quite a bit.
I am doing better. I feel myself slipping again, but I know that it will get better, because I have seen the light.

Up, up and away!

The Supergirl trailer is out, and it is awesome, and I am so hyped for it. Sure there are complaints (on reddit already) about the tone is so dorky/chick flicky, and about the happy poppy music that young girls. THAT’S BECAUSE SUPERGIRL IS A YOUNG GIRL!

I am loving every single bit of the trailer.

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