Quick book reviews

I’ve recently started tracking the books I’ve been reading. Buying my books via the Apple iBooks store has made it much easier to consume books, and much easier to lose track of what I’ve even picked up. When I finally got around to checking out just what I had read for the year of 2014, the results surprised me – I had gone through a heck lot more books than I had expected.

I found it a good exercise in making my 2014 reading list. Because of that, I’ve decided to keep tracking the books read/started/unfinished from now on.

I may write fuller reviews for the books down the line as writing exercises, but until then, here’s a quick rating system for what I thought of those books:

A Quick Review System:
Will I read it again? Yes, No, Maybe
Love it? Yes, No, Unsure
Will I read the rest of the books in the series (if applicable)? Yes, No, Maybe

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