On Courtney Milan’s “Hold Me”

I’m not going to talk about this book critically, save for a few quick sentences on how it is very well written and crafted, and how it reads as very authentic. I’ve read the whole Brothers Sinister series from Courtney Milan, and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Hold Me is of course very different in setting (not being a historical romance and all), and while the themes in Milan’s books are the same, having it in a modern setting was a revelation to me.

In her author notes, she says that this is the book of the heart for her as an author, and I’m glad that she wrote it. I’m not going to talk about how good it is, because in a nutshell, it is very good. Instead, I wanted to talk about how it made me feel, and what it made me realise.

Growing up, reading the fiction I did, watching the shows that I’ve watched, I’ve never realised just how much of a supposed good female’s role in the world I had internalised.

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