The Supergirl trailer is out, and it is awesome, and I am so hyped for it. Sure there are complaints (on reddit already) about the tone is so dorky/chick flicky, and about the happy poppy music that young girls. THAT’S BECAUSE SUPERGIRL IS A YOUNG GIRL!

I am loving every single bit of the trailer.

This is the superheroine I (and maybe even others) have been waiting for.

Supergirl doesn’t need to be dark and gritty, because she isn’t.

Supergirl definitely doesn’t need to be an angry misunderstood alien (i.e. comic runs Pre-New 52 where Kara was angry and had kryptonite poisoning, and all of post New 52) at all. That is all how some writers seem to only know how to write a strong, powerful woman, and that’s just wrong.

Some of the comic’s best runs was when Kara was written as cheerful, playful, young and just a girl trying to fit in (Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl and Kara Zor-El comic crossovers were some of the most entertaining reads before the New 52 reboot imho).

The new trailer for the Supergirl TV series seems to hold to this tone, and I am definitely loving it.


Up, up and away!
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