Perth Freelance Writer | Food & Travel Photographer

I write

I help you find the right words. Whether you’re after SEO-ready text for your website or looking for effective and engaging copy for your next brochure, I can help you craft your message in a way that reaches your audience. I’ve written for a wide range of small businesses, from barbers to butchers and industries from real estate to F&B.

I write for all industries and all niches, but if you’re looking for someone with a technical background, you’re in luck. I’ve previously worked in IT with a focus on business intelligence, tech support, user education and customer service. This particular combination of skills lets me help you translate complex ideas into simple messages for your day-to-day audience.

Check out my Writing Services page for more detail.

I shoot

I shoot my own photos to accompany my features and content writing work, and food photography is my speciality. Whether you’re in need of photographs for your new menu, your new cookbook or looking for social media-ready food photographs, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out my Food Photography portfolio for examples of my work.