About Me

I am a freelance writer based in Perth, Australia. My passions are in food and travel, especially to places that aren’t well-known, because that’s where the best untold stories are.

When I’m not writing feature articles, or out shooting photographs, I provide copywriting services to businesses, helping them to find¬†right words to tell their story, engage their target market, and most importantly, nail the sale.

Check out my Services page for a list of writing services I provide.

Photography is a recent passion of mine, and while I mainly shoot for my own pleasure, I also shoot accompanying photographs for my work where possible.

Check out my food and travel photography pages for examples of my work.

My Story

A long time ago, I graduated with a degree in Mass Communication (double major in journalism and public relations), but due to the combination of the economy collapsing, intense parental pressure to start paying the household bills, and being fairly tech-savvy, I ended up falling into a life in IT.

I started out as an IT support generalist, and over time, I honed my skills to become a reporting specialist and business intelligence developer. But I never lost my love of writing, and while penning user guides, knowledgebase articles and procedures were loathed by my colleagues in IT, I relished writing them.

Recently, I took a sabbatical where I took time to recover from burnout and take stock of where I wanted to be in life. I could either jump back into IT, or take the leap into the great big unknown and try to chase my original passion of writing for a living. Based on where I am now, I bet you can guess how that turned out.


(a.k.a. For that extra peace of mind that I know what I’m doing)

Murdoch University – Bachelor of Mass Communication (Double Major in Journalism and Public Relations)

Proud AWC graduate

Proud AWC graduate

…and almost 8 years working in IT for large national companies and statewide not-for-profits.